It must be because they want to make it as difficult and incomprehensible as possible for us to reblog stuff, amirite?


Is this what Tumblr’s new attribution management system does to reblogs? It removes the quoted material but leaves what was freshly added? Click changetheratio below to see what Rachel was reblogging, I doubt she intended her repost (here in its entirety) to be so incoherent:

(UPDATE: Tumblr removes the ellipses even though I can see them in my edit window. WTF? Click charitini to see how Rachel’s repost looked, then click changetheratio to see what she was reblogging.)



My quote in the Wall Street Journal, which triggered Michael Arrington’s response last week, which opened the floodgates:

Arrington’s tweet from Sept. 2nd:

I know I ribbed him gently* about it in my last post on the subject (“Women talking about women’s issues. Hopefully…

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