This is unbelievably wrong… Above is some intense video footage, via the Guardian, of police beating Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran Kayvan Sabehgi at Occupy Oakland. This happened on November 2nd. Subsequent to this, Sabehgi was arrested and jailed for 18 hours in agony with a lacerated spleen and other internal injuries for which he has undergone surgery. The footage was taken by Neil Rivas, an artist/photographer, and shows Sabehgi talking to police as they advance. A policeman becomes combative with Sabehgi, who hasn’t made any threatening moves, telling him to “Get the fuck out of here!” The policeman chases Sabehgi beating him with his baton as Sabehgi tries to evade him, but never tries to physically respond. You can hear Rivas in the background yelling “Stop, stop!”

Read the story at the Guardian.

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