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Today’s announcement is groundbreaking.
RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, on the hiring of 23-year-old Elliott Echols to a new position that is to focus on youth voter outreach. Groundbreaking stuff. Echols said he identifies as a conservative because he “majored in economics” in college. Well OK, then.
[You could argue that] money is more important for men.
Republican Glenn Grothman, on why Wisconsin Republicans supported repealing the state’s equal pay law. (via wisconsinforward)
We don’t have shared goals with the Democrats.
Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), to CPAC attendees. CPAC is the largest annual gathering of conservative advocates. For the proper context to this remark, head over to the DNC website to read about the issues that DeMint says conservatives disagree with.
Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum want to abolish the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, which Mr. Gingrich says is “consistently radical” — meaning it upholds civil rights and civil liberties and other things he doesn’t like. Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul say they would forbid the Supreme Court from ruling on same-sex marriage, forgetting perhaps that presidents don’t actually get to do that. Rick Perry has called for term limits for Supreme Court judges, although he hasn’t said whether he meant all of them, or just the liberal ones.


The cool folks at DC Decoder are rounding up short sets of questions/expectations/hopes for the next GOP debate from a handful of political bloggers on tumblr.  I’m not totally sure what the end goal is, but it sounds like a sweet idea.  They were kind enough to ask me to participate, and these are the questions I submitted:

  • If you support a strong defense, do you want to keep our military spread thin in 130 nations and more than 650 bases worldwide?
  • If you claim to adhere to the Constitution, do you support undeclared by Congress — and therefore unconstitutional — wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and arguably Pakistan and Somalia?
  • If you claim to adhere to the Bill of Rights — notably the Fourth Amendment — do you support the PATRIOT Act?
  • If you are a fiscal conservative, name two specific spending cuts you would support immediately as president and estimate the amount each would save per year.
  • If you affirm the Declaration of Independence, please explain why the freedom to pursue happiness excludes recreational drug use which does not interfere with anyone else’s liberty, person, or property.
  • If you are pro-life, please explain if your principles extend to unborn Iraqi and Afghan children. If not, explain why not.
  • If you consider yourself a Christian, please quote any Bible passages you are aware of in which we might find Jesus changing people’s morality through legislation, keeping in mind that Jesus himself states that he supersedes the law of the Old Testament.


Tea Partiers cheer the deaths of the uninsured. This is after they cheered executions and booed Ron Paul for his claim that not all Muslims are responsible for 9/11.

If this doesn’t show the true character of the Tea Party, nothing will.


"We have 40,000 students coming to this country from all over the world. Are they would-be attackers?"

Rand Paul.

There’s nothing unusual about Republicans denouncing illegal immigration. But a GOP senator attacking immigrants who come to this country legally to work and study is something new. (via corruptpolitics)


Kansas governor eliminates state’s arts funding

I’ve been using five succinct points when telling Republican friends and family members why continued funding for the arts should be a priority. Here they are:

  • Recessions are, in part, economic reactions to elements of the status quo.
  • One thing that art is for is to challenge, critique, or alter the status quo of a system — including those which contribute to allowing recessed economic activity to linger.
  • Also, funding for the arts costs virtually nothing when compared to other forms of government spending such as tax breaks, subsidies, and military sprawl.
  • And having arts programs that are well-funded and accessible to everyone creates jobs, workforce capital, and commerce.
  • Publicly funded arts programs are wildly popular among parents and other key constituencies whose interests Republican lawmakers say they represent.