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Memo to media orgs: Call Social Security, Medicare, etc. “earned benefits,” not “entitlements.” Because accuracy.

Mr. Obama will emphasize his intention to use unilateral presidential authority—bypassing Congress when necessary—to an extent not seen in his previous State of the Union speeches, White House officials said.
Ms. Bosanek, who is Warren Buffett’s secretary, will be joining Michelle Obama in the first lady’s box seats during the speech, Stephanie Cutter, deputy manager of the Obama 2012 campaign, said in a Twitter message. That’s where presidents typically put their poster children in order to put a human face on a policy point.

We can see the future of a better economy already emerging.

Over the past twelve months, we have created more than one million net new jobs in the private sector — while government employment has shrunk by more than 250,000.

Corporate profitability has reached record highs, meaning that companies can afford to hire as demand revives.

Including dividends, the stock market has gained more than 10 percent this year.

If this is “socialism,” what would capitalism look like?

David Frum’s pretend first draft of President Obama’s State of the Union Address is … well, just go read it.